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A review article has been accepted for publication in Chem. Soc. Rev..(2014.02.08)


Two research articles were accepted for publication in ACS Nano and ACS Chemical Biology.(2014.02.21)


A research article has been accepted for publication in EST.(2014.01.06)


Welcome Ms. Liu Guohong to join in YanLab as PhD candidate.(2013.12.20)

Yan Lab Info We are interested in two research areas: the first is to reveal bioactivity of nanomaterials and modulate their biological specificity by controlling their surface chemistry using array synthesis to elucidate their surface structure-activity and stucture-toxicity relationships and discover biocompatible and cancer targeting nanotheranostics (nanomedicine and nanodiagnostics); the second is to develop anti-cancer chemical or nanoparticle agents or probes to modulate biological processes in cell and animal-based models. We also develop combinatoiral synthesis and analysis methods to assist our research goals.  The most important goal is to train future scientists through educating graduate students (M.S. /Ph.D.) and postdoctoral fellows.
Welcome to join us! Prof.Yan will enroll graduate students in Bioanalytical Chemistry field at school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Shandong University in 2014.





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