What is new?

Two research articles of Yanlab were accepted for publication in Biomaterials and Journal of Hazardous Materials, respectively. (2015.02.08)


Two research articles were accepted for publication in Nano Res. and Chem. Res. in Toxicology.(2014.12.26)


A review article of Yanlab were published in Chemical Reviews. (2014.09.21)


A review article of Yanlab were published in Chem. Soc. Rev. (2014.08.08)

Yan Lab Info We are interested in two research areas: the first is to reveal bioactivity of nanomaterials and modulate their biological specificity by controlling their surface chemistry using array synthesis to elucidate their surface structure-activity and stucture-toxicity relationships and discover biocompatible and cancer targeting nanotheranostics (nanomedicine and nanodiagnostics); the second is to develop anti-cancer chemical or nanoparticle agents or probes to modulate biological processes in cell and animal-based models. We also develop combinatoiral synthesis and analysis methods to assist our research goals.  The most important goal is to train future scientists through educating graduate students (M.S. /Ph.D.) and postdoctoral fellows.
Academic Awards

Liwen Li (2011) and Yuhong Bai (2010) have been granted the Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student by Ministry of Education.

Prof. Bing Yan has been granted the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Guidance Award by Shandong University.

Liwen Li has been granted the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award by Shandong University in 2013.

Welcome to join us! Prof.Yan will enroll graduate students in Bioanalytical Chemistry field at school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Shandong University in 2015.